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Super Duper Christmas Promotion 2018

The details for LaZonaDeportiva (LZDSports ) Super Duper Promotion:
Enter by posting on Twitter the following :
@lazonadeportiva this is a Super Duper promotion.
Once you do that you will be entered in the promotion. Your entry will count as 3x’s giving you the three opportunities for the drawing. The random drawing will be on Dec 15th.
Grand Prize:
the Super Duper Grand Prize- 1 HogWild Teddy Bear w/Tee, $75.00, 1 gift card value $20.00, 1 LZD Winter Jacket (sizes are limited) , 1 LZD Travel mug, 1 LZD Backpack, 1 sports Jersey and MLB baseball plus choice of MLB Ball cap and 1 College Tee (surprise) .

Super Duper 2nd prize winner : $50, 1 gift card $20 value, LZD Windbreaker or Winter Jacket (limited sizes), 1 LZD Ball cap , 1 MLB sports Tee ( 1 size XL) 1 MLB baseball plus a surprise prize.

Super Duper LZDSports 3rd prize winner: $25.00 (cash), 1 gift card value $15, 1 LZD travel mug, maybe an extra secret prize as well .

You can only enter once. Tell your family (must be 18 years of age or older ) friends to follow us. Thanks


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